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Sunday Bloody Sunday!

Sundays are always great, aren’t they? It’s like Christmas. All lazy and lotsa eating. Spent the whole day bumming in bed. Played a little FIFA 2006 on my PS2 and watched TV with my folks. Gonna meet my cousins soon. They’re here on a short holiday. Night Safari here we come!!

I’m happy with the way work is heading. Finally I’ve got Bobby in my team. An excellent audio engineer in my books. Perhaps one of the best this country has to offer. If only he puts his skills into good use, he’ll be a rich mother fucker.

That 80’s Party is coming back for another Friday night gig. It’s gonna be @ Fullmoon Beach Bar on the 9th September. From 8pm to 6am. This might just be the last time I’ll be involved in this project. I’m not gonna go deep into my reasons. Those whom work closely with me, know how I feel…Don’t we just hate to work with fools with huge egos??

The plans are to get my wolf done this week. I’ll probably pick weds or thurs for the tattoo job. If you don’t have a tattoo, you wouldn’t understand what the excitement is all about.

Alright…That’s about it. Till next time…


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