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Another long awaited update!

I’m back folks…Been trying to update this fucking blog regularly but it doesn’t seem to happen. I am not gonna lie and say I’m busy 168 hours in a week. The fact is, work occupies most of my time. The little free time I have, is spent with Paula when she’s around or with my playstation 2 (my 2nd wife). I miss drinking with my bros at Tattoo Pub. I miss fondling myself during play time. HAH!! And yeah, I miss drinking my life away.

I’ve got to promo these nice folks @ NameCardOnline Pte Ltd. These people are amazing! They blew my mind! They rock! They drove me to multiple orgasms!! Ok ok… The last part didn’t happen. Well, I needed to get namecards done ASAP. So, I searched online for shops in town. After a couple of searches, I found their website. With their online templates, we were able to design our own cards. It took an hour to choose, design and confirmed our order. The amazing part is that we confirmed our order at 3.00am. The cards arrived at 2pm the same day. All 400 pieces!!! How the hell they managed that is beyond my imagination. The cards arrived in excellent condition too. If you need namecards done, visit ‘’

The retro event @ Fullmoon Beach Bar was a success. Thank you almighty god! The turn out was way better than expected. My bros and sisters came to support. So did a large number of Eurasians. It’s nice to see fellow Eurasians supporting a fellow Eurasian. Local entertainers supported this event as well. So…back by popular demand, That 80’s Party will rock Fullmoon Beach Bar once again. It’s happening on the 9th of September 2005. I’ll post a flier once it’s completed!!

On a sadder note, my dog Camo passed away last week. Words can never describe how I felt that night. Though we all knew that his condition was getting worse, there was always a glimpse of hope. The night before he died, he came up to Paula and I in the kitchen. With his illness and all, it’s been months since he came close to us. We patted him and somehow, I felt that things were gonna get worse for him. Probably, he knew that he was dying. The night he died, Paula was carrying him all night. At around 11.45pm, she handed Camo to me as she needed to go to the toilet. I recall talking to Camo. Telling him to be strong and we’re here for him. Minutes later, Camo took his last few breaths and passed away at 11.50pm. The most painful part was to have my dog die in my arms. To see Paula cry was also heartbreaking.

Nothing prepared me for the arrival of the pet casket. I have never cried so hard in my life. I miss Camo more than ever now. It’s sad that things turned out this way. It’s sad that he missed his 2nd birthday.

I don’t know how to end this update. I’m gonna leave it as this. Till next time, Love to all!


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  1. well .. take it easy on the dog .. Camo lives on in ur heart .. Sorry bout it bro !!!


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