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Just Another Day

I can’t seem to update this blog regularly!! I’m gonna keep trying and hopefully leave posts every other day…

Had another tattoo done yesterday. This time round, I have my very first animal on my body. The barn owl got the privilege and it’s in full colour. Next up will be a wolf and a buffalo. It’s all looking good and in no time, I’ll have my arms covered. Btw, we call it sleeves in our world. Neeway…I’ll post pictures of the owl soon.

National Day came and went with much anticipation. It’s on National day that I feel patriotic. Where I feel this is home and I wanna be. The other 364 days are a different story. Don’t get me wrong…I love this country and will do anything for it if called upon. But, it’s getting to a point where I need to leave and start a better life elsewhere.

For starters, I know that it’s gonna be hell raising a kid and being married in Singapore. What’s more, having a car and a house. How am I gonna afford all this? Right now, I’m finding it hard to support myself. In a year or two, I won’t be able to light up a ciggy after my morning mee poh at the hawker centre. That to me is freaking dumb!

I understand the ‘non-smokers are suffering’ crap. But to ban smoking in pubs?? I’m a regular at Tattoo Pub (Far East Plaza). I love that place. It’s a place where my tattooed brothers and sisters get together for a couple of drinks. On most days, more than a couple. With the upcoming smoking ban, it’s gonna close in 10 months. It simply sucks so bad. If you ask me, it’s mother fucking nonsense! I will cherish the next 10 months. I’ll cherish the girls I’ve slept with from Tattoo, hundreds of hangovers from my kakis, the cheap beer, brilliant friends I’ve made and Suki (founder of Tattoo Pub).

I’ve narrowed down my search to either Malaysia or Bali. I love both for their own reasons. For now, Bali leads the race. On September 12th, a group of friends and myself will head to Bali to finalize details. With god’s luck, I’ll leave Singapore next year.

I’m heading out for a meeting. Till the next update, HELP FIGHT POVERTY. It’s a war that we can win if we all unite.


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  1. Free choice!

    all the girls you slept with from Tattoo? hope Paula does not read that...

    sometimes i feel that i would be better off elsewhere...*sigh*

    wonder if noel even reads his comments here...


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