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Another week with a lousy ending!

Another week has come to an end and I’ve got loads to say. The past week has been incredibly busy! The week started with meetings at Suntec on Monday. Somehow, I decided to get involved in the Singapore Premium Gift Exhibition 2005. Tuesday was the moving in and setting up of my equipment.

The grand launch was on Wednesday and D.Storm kicked ass with the lighting display. I’m getting better with the programming and I’m looking forward to the next opening ceremony I’m doing on Wednesday.

From Wednesday to Friday, I was busy manning the booth. Selling my company and getting the clients I need for the rest of the year.

Friday was also mom’s birthday! Went to this place along upper east coast road. If I remember correctly, it’s called Werner’s Oven. Nice joint if you’re craving for good old German food.

Lastly, I headed to the Living Room. Reckon I reached slightly past 3am. Everything went well till we were about to leave the place. This group of bastards approached a colleague of mine, asking why he asked his sister “How much she cost”! The girl was a chinese and the guy an Indian. Either their folks were sleeping around or they’re adopted. Anyway…next thing I knew, it broke into a free for all. I got punched, shoved and kicked in the head. All this when I didn’t do shit.

I’ve got bumps on my head and two on my face. I’m still in a foul mood after the whole incident. The hospital x-rays showed a possibility of a hairline fracture on my skull. And if the headaches persist, I’ll head back for a CT scan. Till then, I’ll rest like I’ve been doing for the past two days. It’s so nice to lie in bed for 2 whole days.

From the incident on Saturday morning, I’ve realized a couple of things…

1) I’m not as hot tempered as before…(couple years ago, I would have searched for that short fucker and beaten the crap outta his face!!)

2) I know who my true friends are…

3) My family truly loves me…And I love them too! Mushy but helluva true.

Before I sign off, I’ll like to tell ya’ll about this meeting I had on Thursday. Met up with one of our local female clowns. In case you didn’t know, we do have female clowns in Singapore. She also owns a seafood restaurant at Lau Par Sat. She’s a bubbly girl and also weird in a nice way. To cut things short, I’m gonna be a smart ass with a Top 10 List. It’s called, “10 Things I Would Wanna Say To A Female Clown”

1) Yo woman! Bad hair day again??

2) Don’t you ever stop smiling?

3) Oh man….I’ve never seen a clown with boobs! This is getting too weird.

4) This could be the most kinky relationship I’ve ever had!

5) My mother once told me Clowns were evil!

6) Could we please do it without the gloves?

7) How about we lose the makeup next?

8) Damn it women! Stop clowning around! That ain’t a freaking horn you’re holding!

9) How about we reverse roles for once? I’ll be the clown and you’ll be the one freaking out!

10) Where do you get your wardrobe from? This Fashion??

There you have it! My first 10 Top list here. I’m gonna sleep. My head is still pounding. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be all good for my meetings. Till next time, Happy Clowning!

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