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The Next Chapter

Spent the most of yesterday moving out of Thomson Hills. It was hard to leave the place after two years. That office was where I worked on my dreams. Dreams of being the best god damn events company in Singapore. Sometimes, things aren’t meant to be. It’s sad but it’s also life. We move on and hope for better things to come.

The one thing I’ve realized is that the company is doing so much better without staff. I’m doing everything alone. It feels great to be involved with something I love. It’s great to be a lighting designer again. My goal now is to be the best in Singapore. If Mediacorp liked the lighting show I gave them 3 weeks back, I must be doing something right!

Paula and myself are on the rocks again. This time, I’m not sure where this is heading. There’s a strongest possibility that we’ll be going our separate ways. Big sigh…

This week is gonna be filled with meetings, a club installation and a big time booze session at the tattoo pub on Friday.

Next week, my lighting pieces will be on display at a convention. It’ll be a mad rush to get everything up by Tuesday morning. I know for sure it’s gonna be worth the trouble. After all, it’s not everyday that I get to show the public a kick ass lighting show.

I’m gonna grab a bite. Way too hungry to go on typing.

Till next time….


  1. hey...just hang in there...if you ever need someone to tok to,leon is always here for ya...

  2. hey, can leave comments already ah??!!! Good good!! :-) Don't really know what is the problem bet u and Paula, but I guess most of the problems can be solved thru communication. Talk it out with her if need to.....Win her back if u still love her..;-)

  3. hmm...i wonder if noel even knowsz how to reply to our comments...


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