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Little Flower Hut Review

My wife gave birth to my second daughter on the 26th of August. It was an emergency cesarean delivery. As much as it was traumatic for me, she went through a whole lot more. I cannot even begin to imagine what she felt throughout the ordeal. That rollercoaster of emotions must have been daunting to deal with.

To show her what she meant to me and that I appreciate her for everything that she is, I wanted to get her a beautiful bouquet. Something that would take her mind off the pain from the surgery and the exhaustion of looking after a newborn baby. 

So I went online to search for the perfect bouquet. I settled on Little Flower Hut after looking at various merchants. Little Flower Hut stood out to me. I love their clean looking website. It's a breeze to scroll through and shopping by flower type made my search easier. I've given my wife Gabrielle flowers twice since in the 5 years we've been together. I needed the THIRD time to be ultra special. So I settled on red roses. But it had to be super duper special!

This is the bouquet I ordered for Gabrielle. 


Here's my arm as reference.

It has lots of roses and baby's-breath.

Not only did it make my wife smile, it made her emotional too. She’s so happy with the flowers. It things like this that create memories that last a lifetime. My sincere thanks to the team at Little Flower Hut. You guys rock! It's little wonder why Little Flower Hut is one of the top online florists in Singapore!

Please visit for all your flower needs. These guys won’t disappoint. I can confirm plus chop guarantee this.

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