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Jul 30, 2014

Momma Kong Review

Even my seafood allergies couldn't keep me away from Momma Kong's. I've read a lot of positive reviews about this restaurant and a good friend of mine raves about the food. Singaporeans are crazy about chilli crab after all. I had two questions on my mind... Who is Momma Kong and how good are her crabs?

So when I was invited to review Momma Kong's, i found myself waking up excited on a lazy Sunday morning. I just told a small lie. I woke up with a hangover, stared at my phone calendar then I got excited after seeing the review reminder on my calendar. Yep!

Let's get down to the review...

The Restaurant

I expected the restaurant to be big. What I got instead was a small intimate area. That's awesome! I dislike big restaurants. My mindset is the smaller the restaurant, the better the service. More about the service later... Momma Kong's has a computer station that allows patrons to surf the web. If you have kids with you and they are being a handful, you know where to send them. Problem solved thank you very much!

The Food

Tofu Chips - $6
These Tofo Chips are less sinful than french fries but they taste so good! I love the homemade sambal belacan too. It's got the right level of hotness!

Pan Seared Scallops - $14
I could taste the freshness of the scallops with the first bite. These babies are topped with crispy bacon and served with asparagus.

Grilled Squid - $14
You have no idea how much I love squid. The good folks at Momma Kong's have got this dish spot on! It's so yummy. OMG! Just thinking about this dish makes me drool...

Crab Bee Hoon Soup - $38
I've never been a soup person so it would do justice if I rate this dish. What I can tell you the soup is milky and it's served with rice noodles.

Red Chili Crab - $38
This is Singapore's favourite crab dish. The almighty Chili Crab! Momma Kong's version isn't spicy. Instead the sauce has a certain sweetness to it which would suit any palate. 

Fried Mantou - $3
What is a crab feast without mantou? Just so you know, Momma Kong's serves steamed and fried mantou. Aren't the buns pretty? Well they aren't just pretty. They taste really good too! It's $3 for a set of two.

Black Pepper Crab - $38
This was my favourite dish of the night! I loved everything about this dish. It had the right amount of pepper, the crab was fresh and the sauce was worth dying for!

The Service

I love the attentive service at Momma Kong's. The servers greet with a smile and they are pleasant to talk to. If you dread shelling your crabs, you'll be glad to know that they will do it for you. It'll cost you $10 but you'll have clean hands. How awesome is that?!


Get this, there are people making reservations for 2015. Imagine that! Please call 6225-CRAB(2722) or visit Chope.

Islandwide Delivery

What do you do if you can't get a reservation? Get their awesome food sent to you of course! Momma Kong's has teamed up with FoodPanda so you can order via the FoodPanda app. Visit for more information.

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