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Kindness Day SG

If there is one national movement that I love, it's definitely the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). In a nutshell, SKM's main objective is to create a kinder and more gracious society. Everyone, yes YOU and I, have a big role to play in making our home a better place.

Think about it this way... One act of kindness makes another person smile and in return it brings a smile to your face. We Singaporeans are innately kind so let's do what we can to create a more gracious society.

I'll throw an example of an act of kindness that I recently did. A few days ago, I was on the bus heading to Kallang Road. A foreign worker boarded the bus but his EZ link card didn't work for some reason. All he had was a ten dollar note but nobody in a crowded bus wanted to change money with him.

I felt so sorry for this man that I got up from my seat, approached the driver and asked “where is this gentleman going?”. The driver replied “ahhhh...Lavender”. I took out a two dollar note and paid for his fare. The look on this bus driver's face was priceless. He was shocked! The foreign worker? His smile made my day. This man actually wanted to follow me to wherever I was going so he could buy something in order to pay me back. I politely rejected his offer and he shook my hand repeatedly before alighting at his bus stop.

From an act of kindness on my part, let's move on to an event that screamed KINDNESS! On the 30th of May, I celebrated Kindness Day SG at Shanghai Dolly. The title of the event was 'A Nation of Kindness starts with ONE’. Doesn't the event title make so much sense? It really starts with ONE. YOU!

Taken from the Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook page where they were taking selfies on stage!

The Guest of honour was Mr. Baey Yam Keng (seen above), MP for Tampines GRC. Mr. Baey is such a nice guy. He is so down to earth and he took the time to speak to many individuals. And hey, the official kindness song by Lorraine Tan was launched along with special performances by Jack and Rai, Elson Soh, Juno, Stella Seah, the very entertaining Dim Sum Dollies, Hossan Leong and many more talented artists.

Stella was one of the many performers for the night...
It was an amazing night with good positive energy! We were given a media spot near the stage and this video wall was just next to me. It was the best seat in the house!!! 
Elson Soh performing...
My brothers Jack and Rai were awesome as always! They got the crowd pumped up and singing along..

George Chan was the most energetic performer for the night. I love this guy!
It was my first time watching Vocaluptous perform even though I've heard so much about them. They are good!
That's Robin Goh! If you are a fan of local theater, you'll know who he is.
Hossan Leong! His stand-up comedy set was above hilarious. I was laughing from start to end. I guess I can use his performance to summarize the event. It was fun, funny and very entertaining.

It's the Dim Sum Dollies! These talented ladies got everyone laughing from the get go!

The Kindness Day SG celebration was so much fun. Very seldom do I walk away remembering everything about an event. They even had a special cocktail and mocktail for the event. Both were equally yummos! Best thing about this movement's not over! An act of kindness should be done every day, 365 days a year. f you have experienced or witnessed an act of kindness, do share them on social media with the hashtags #kindnessdaysg and #nationofkindness. Each time I read about such heart-warming stories, it really brightens up my day! A page that I highly recommend you like is the Kindness SG Facebook Page!

Lastly, do visit to find out more about this awesome movement. Remember everyone, it starts with YOU!

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