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Don Quijote's BBQ Night Review

I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Spanish food could taste so good. On any given night if I am served beer, I would go easy on the food. But not at Don Quijote. Here's why...

LIVE Boston Lobsters

The chefs are hard at work

A portion of the buffet line...

I am allergic to seafood but nothing could keep me away from the lobsters!

Just to show you how good the fresh lobsters looked, here's another picture.

I tried the squid too! Man, it was fantastic!!!!

I have mad love for mushrooms. These were barbecued to perfection!

Do you love brinjal? Or should I say eggplant to sound a little more atas? These were nicely done!

I've never tried squid ink pasta till this faithful day. Sure am glad I chose Don Quijote as the first.

I can't remember what this is called but it's yummy nonetheless...

I've never been a dessert fan but this was pleasantly nice

Barbecues and cold beer go hand in hand. It's like a marriage!

I almost died and went to heaven after biting into this. Yup! Foodgasm!

Trust me when I tell you that these slices of pork do indeed melt in your mouth!

This Spanish style Suckling Pig is out of this world! I love the crisp skin the most!

That's Ken the owner of Don Quijote. Fantastic guy that is so passionate about his food.

Here's where I summarize this review. It says a lot that I can remember how great the food was at Don Quijote. After all it's been a month and I am very forgetful. The service was excellent too. They have attentive staff that are just so polite. If I were you, I'd be there next month for their BBQ buffet. You'll love me for recommending this place.

When: Every first Wednesday of the month

Where: Don Quijote. Block 7 Dempsey Road #01-02, Singapore 249671 Tel: (+65) 6476 2811

Price: S$128++ with free-flow of softs and juices or S$188++ with free-flow of Tattinger Champagne, Codorniu Anna Cava, Don Quijote critically-acclaimed sangrias and Robert-Parker rated Spanish wines.

Fill your tummy with: ‘Live’ Boston Lobsters, ‘Live’ Barramundi, ‘Live’ Snapper, a selection of other Market-Fresh Seafood, Spanish Iberian ‘Secreto’ Pork, Spanish Segovian-Style Suckling Pig, Bone-in ‘Tomahawk’ Rib Steaks, Rack of Lamb, Paellas, Fideuas, and the list goes on and on…!



  1. The one you don't remember the name of is Paella and the dessert is called churros :)

  2. The one you don't remember the name of is Paella and the dessert is called churros :)


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