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How to remove the dreadful 'ads not by this site' virus. This works!!

If you have advertisements appearing on the left and right side of your screen and somewhere near the top, your computer is infected with the 'ads not by this site' virus. How can you positively tell if you are indeed infected by this virus? Simple, it'll say so at the bottom of each and every ad.

Speaking from experience, it is very irritating especially when you have 3 advertisements blinking in your damn face while you are trying to read an article. I can imagine this happening to you right now. LOL!

Well don't fret. Keep calm, breathe and tell yourself that this will be over soon. Yes it will!

I searched through tons of websites over the last couple of days and tried everything these people instructed me to do. Nothing worked! Do you know how fucking frustrating that is?! I wanted to throw my damn laptop out the window! But thankfully I found this website a few hours ago. I followed the instructions and I am now 'ads not by this site' free. YES!!! Goodbye bitch!!

Instructions on how to remove the virus:

If this works for you, no reason why it shouldn't, thank me in the comments below.

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