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Toothache Remedies That Work

I'm all up for remedies when I fall ill. Sure beats paying hard earned money to a doctor that tells you exactly what you've told him or her when asked "what brings you in today?". Natural remedies are cheaper and have been around for ages. These two remedies I'm about to share with you work provided you don't have a serious condition like the one that I experienced recently. I suffered from a fractured molar. So yes, this is for the common toothache.

Toothache remedy 01: The Garlic, Oregano and Salt Mouthwash

Add sliced fresh garlic, two tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of oregano leaves to half a cup of hot water. Stir this mixture till the salt dilutes. Leave this mixture to cool down. Once it's of a temperature you are comfortably with, take a mouthful and swirl it around your mouth for a minute. Remember to concentrate on the area where the toothache is. Do ensure that you do not swallow and repeat till you finish this homemade mixture. Your mouth will smell of garlic but it'll bring you much needed relief.

Toothache remedy 02: Vanilla Essence

This is so easy to do. Grab a small piece of bread (small enough to fit on your tooth) and pour vanilla essence onto it until it is soaked. Place the bread on your tooth and bite down. Try doing this for 3 minutes. Dispose of the bread when you are done. This remedy should give you immediate relief. 

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