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Villa Nagasutra Bali Review

Looking for a beach villa in Bali? Look no further. Located on a hill facing the sea, a beautiful view I might add, is a luxury villa that's perfect for any group get-away. Villa Nagasutra has 7 bedrooms, a large dining area, outdoor bar and a state of the art gym. Unless you are a fitness fanatic, I highly doubt you will see any action in the gym. After all, you are on holiday!

The villa! We spent many nights chilling on these sofas under the stars...

Our bedroom...

The outdoor dining area. Perfect for barbecues.

The tanning deck where you'll get a great view of the sea.

While the villa is located a distance away from good restaurants, you need not worry about food. The villa comes with a live in gourmet chef that prepares three delicious meals a day. Chicken rice with the most amazing garlic based chilli sauce, mee bakso (meatballs with noodles) and roti prata (an Indian fried flour-based pancake) were some of the mouthwatering dishes served when I stayed there a few weeks ago. I had half a mind to kidnap the chef! I would make loads of money if I had a restaurant. Only problem is I do not have a restaurant yet so she is safe for the time being...

Prata! The curry was to die for!

Besides a chef that will spoil your tummy silly, you will get seven live-in staff that provide chauffeur and housekeeping services. There are massage services too! The masseuses don't live on the property so you might have to wait for a short while before you get a massage. It's worth the wait! I had two relaxing rub downs at a gazebo by the cliffside. I was in heaven! The view of Pandawa beach and the seaweed farm was breathtaking!

That's the seaweed farm.
RP 80,000 (SGD$8.00) per hour massage

We spent our days relaxing in the pool, getting a tan on the tanning deck and of course we enjoyed a generous amount of Bintang Beer and whisky. I don't fall in love with a lot of accommodations so Villa
Nagasutra is very special. I can't wait to visit it again!

Here's what you get when you stay at Villa Nagasutra:

  • 7 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • 5 king-sized beds & 4 single beds
  • High ceiling living room with 55” LCD TV, international cable channels & DVD player
  • Free Wifi
  • Indoor & outdoor surround sound system
  • Dining room for 14 people in one sitting
  • 7 live-in staff & a gourmet chef
  • Fully equipped gym


  • Infinity pool & children’s pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Tanning deck
  • "Bale" – Gazebo on cliffside
  • Dining (16 pax sitting) & bar
  • Access stairway down to Pandawa beach

Price: US$1500.00 (SGD$1885.00) a night

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