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Bringing Smiles to Cambodia

'Bringing Smiles to Cambodia' is a fundraising campaign I launched a few hours ago and I hope to get your support. I am extremely excited about this! Nothing beats making a person smile but to see the kids at this orphanage in Cambodia smile would be priceless!

We have lined up an array of activities for the children. They can look forward to an awesome New Year party, face painting, magic tricks, sports activities and a story telling session. The kids on the other hand will teach both Stephanie and myself traditional Khmer games. I can't wait!

There are a lot of orphanages in Cambodia but unfortunately we can only choose to help one. We don't have the resources to reach out to multiple centres. So we chose 'Save the Children Cambodia for Development'. Stephanie volunteered there in 2010 and has nothing but great and positive things to say. In fact one of the people helping us put this trip together used to call the orphanage home. Now he's studying in a local university. That's a success story right there! Amen to that!

'Save the Children Cambodia for Development' (SCD) now houses over 100 children. Some lost their parents through AIDS, some were abandoned and there are some whose parents simply can't afford to raise a child. SCD is a beautiful place where hopes and dreams are built. Each and every one of these kids have hope and dreams. More so because other than the orphanage, they don't have anything. There are no shortages of occupations that they dream of. That's the beautiful thing about childhood. I remember wanting to be a policeman, pro wrestler and a clown. Hahaha. It's true!!!

Well lovely people...we need to raise money to purchase essential items such as food supplies, clothing for the children, learning resources, medical supplies, sporting equipment and everyday health supplies. We can only do this with your help! Are you willing to make a difference?

Visit our campaign at the following link (mobile phone friendly):

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