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Ghost Files Singapore (GFS)

Ghost Files Singapore (GFS) is a title you should remember if you are a fan of paranormal shows. I  first began working on ideas for this show 14 months ago. After all those notes and banging my head against the wall, I'm happy that the gears are in motion to create an internet TV show that people of all ages and walks of life will enjoy watching.

Creating my own show was an easy choice. I've had hawkers, students, pub owners, taxi drivers, zookeepers, SMRT engineer, yoga instructor, 7-11 staff, gym instructor, pilot, flight stewards, nurses, teachers, emcees, comedians, beer promoters, insurance agents, event coordinators, a policeman and a lawyer ask when will I start my own show. In case you are wondering how I remember these people, I have a note in my phone that I update whenever someone brings up the subject. 

Because I am behind this show, you can count on it being good. Those of you that know me well enough know that I work extremely hard at everything I do. Oh yes, do look out for the team I've put together. We'll reveal them one by one in the coming weeks. Ghost Files Singapore would be nothing without my team of investigators, producers and consultants.

It would be awesome if you could like our Facebook page. It's where you'll get photos, videos and status updates. Here is the URL:

Last but not least, we launched our website a week ago! Visit us at

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