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Off to Sarawak & Brunei!

I'm on a plane awaiting to depart for Miri, Sarawak. Flying with us is 15 kilograms of party supplies and a very pretty pinata. Yep, a birthday party for a special 11 year old girl. Also lined up is a business meeting in Brunei. 

Just so you know, Sabah and Sarawak are two different states. I met a Malaysian fella yesterday and the look on his face when I told him I was going to Sarawak was priceless! I was shocked that even a Malaysian didn't know Sarawak and Sabah are totally two different states!!!

So yes, the bullshit with the terrorists from Sulu is in Sabah and Sarawak isn't affected by this. do not have to worry!!

The flight crew has made the dreadful "please switch off all electronic devices" announcement. I have to go but I will blog again soon. Take care and lots of love!

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