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Guide to Shenzhen China

In no way is this a complete guide to Shenzhen China. I am in no position to write one considering I've only been there once and it was only for two days. But before I get to that, I want to apologize for not blogging about my trip to Shenzhen earlier. I've been suffering from a medical condition that leaves me in a whole lot of pain. It's been going on for a few years now but it became really bad some months ago. I guess I'm not doing a good job juggling the pain, work and blogging. Lets see if I get better soon with the on-going treatment...

Yes lets get back to Shenzhen! A Singapore based client flew me up to emcee their event. That's huge for me you know. It means I did a fantastic job emceeing their event last year and it's always nice to be appreciated. I flew up via Shenzhen Airlines. If you have never heard of Shenzhen Airlines, you ain't the only one!! I didn't either! It turned out to be a decent flight. It wasn't the best airlines but it got me to China in one piece. And for that I am thankful. See! I am easy to please!

 The in-flight meal was great! Thank you SATS Catering!

 This lady passed out on the tray while waiting for food to be served. It was hilarious!

I stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton in the Futian district. I'm still wondering why it's called Four Points. Why not Five, Eight or Ten?! I loved everything about the hotel except the fact that it's a non smoking hotel. You heard me right. There were ZERO smoking rooms!!!! Everytime I needed a smoke, I had to take the lift down 13 floors, walk out into the cold just to puff my life away. I gave up counting how many times I went up and down.

Here's me outside the hotel. I didn't know Shenzhen was gonna be crazy cold. All I had was this old Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. It sure as hell didn't help much!

I have to visit the McDonald's in every country I visit. It's my MUST DO activity!!

Had time to snap a picture of myself before the event started...

After hosting the event, James from Big J Productions (he's such an awesome person to work with and an excellent tour guide) and I headed out for late dinner. It was roughly 7 degrees Celsius when we stepped out of the hotel but we braved the cold for the sake of food. And boy was the food good! Though I did have to mention that I would NOT EAT DOG MEAT under any circumstance. Yep, they do eat dogs in China. Apparently, only black and brown dogs. Go figure!

 This green spicy noodles was YUMMY! The spicy food helped with the cold too...

 Scallops prepared with lots of garlic. Really good stuff...

 It's more garlic again. This time with grilled oyster.

I loved this the most. It's a simple noodle dish with peanuts. It's to die for!!!

Beer from China. I don't have to tell you that I drank loads!

It's spicy duck! You can order the wings, tongue, neck, etc. It's so spicy that it numbs your tongue.

 Travellors aren't allowed to bring lighters through the customs in China. This applies to check-in luggage too. So if you need to smoke while waiting for your flight, the smoking corner has lighters glued to a box.

This is the smoking corner. Right in the middle of the departure hall! How this cubicle prevents smoke from reaching non-smoking passengers is beyond me.

I want to visit China again. Mostly for one reason. Just to explore food! Maybe that could become a TV or web show. Who knows. Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll try to blog again real soon!

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