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Please Support My Campaign

I've started a campaign on! This campaign is to raise funds for the various web TV projects I'm working on. Contributions start from $10 and if you do that, your name will be listed on a page I'll create right here on this blog. 

The Sponsor page will include your name (you could have your company's name if you want) and the amount you contributed. If you want your name/company to have a website link, I can do that too. 

These are the shows I'm working on...

1) Noel's World iTV: It's a lifestyle show. Coffee, events, the latest happenings, etc...

2) My BodyArt: As the title suggests, this show is about tattoos! I'll showcase lots of talented artists in the Singapore tattoo industry. There are no gimmicks. It's straight to the point and if you love tattoos, you'll love this show!

3) Eat This!: A good friend of mine is producing this show. I don't want to give too much away but we'll showcase unusual food that's found in Singapore. As for now, there will be 5 episodes.

There you have it. The three shows I'm putting my heart and soul into. Please help me spread the word and if it's within your means to make a contribution, I will extremely grateful.

Link to campaign:

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