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The Start of Camwhoring

Bloggers are known to be camwhores. They'll be taking pictures of themselves while they are having a conversation, eating, taking a bus, you name it! I on the other hand am just getting into the whole picture thing. Yes I'm slow!!!

Some pictures I recently took...

I love love love this picture!

My acupuncture session the other day...

Me and my beats!

That's Rachel a.k.a Pxdkitty. Check out her blog at  http://www.rachelltan.com/!

Sure looks like I'm promoting this product but I ain't!

From left to right: Kayley, Shigga Shay and Jayne. Look out for my post on Shigga tomorrow!

That's my buddy Willy. Yes, he looks like this all the time!


  1. This is a great blog Noel Boyd, thank you from LA and keep the content coming!


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