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Shigga Shay EP Release Party

I had the honour of hosting Shigga Shay's EP release party last Friday. Held at the Home Club, the launch party was a nice cozy affair that allowed his fans to get up-close. What made it all the more special was Shigga performing his entire album live with a back-up band. Ian Ortega and Ren and Adam Shah rocked it!!!!

Shigga is such a talented young man. I'm 100% sure lots of good things will come his way. I recall listening to his album and getting goosebumps. That only happens when someone is awesome and I'm proud to say my friend is all that and more!

Here are some pictures from the party...

Shigga's manager Willy Tan!
Picture courtesy of Donald.

Picture courtesy of Donald.

Picture courtesy of Donald.

Picture courtesy of Donald.

Picture courtesy of Donald.
That's Hui Xian, my man Shigga and Jayne!
You can download Shigga's album at his website After which, please please please like his page as well on Facebook! Cool? Go do it now!

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