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Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport terminal 1 - Video

While I was at terminal 1 the other morning, I was left mesmerized on the escalator. No a hot MILF didn't catch my attention. It was better than that. Pretty raindrops made me go WOW! So much so, I didn't see a friend walk pass!

The Kinetic Rain is the latest attraction at Changi Airport terminal 1. Located at the departure hall, this visual feast of "raindrops" in a synchronised dance is suspended mid-air on thin stainless steel wires. There are two of these installations and each consists of 608 copper coated droplets. 

The Kinetic Rain replaces the old but famous Mylar Cords, the circular curtain of water which made its debut in 1981. Remember that old water feature? If you thought that was pretty, you have to check this out! Heck, imagine tripping and watching the droplets! It'll be crazy!!!

A video by Changi Airport...


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