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Gurmit Singh, City Harvest, Colgate and a New Show!

Let's start off this post with City Harvest Church. This church has been the talk of the town. The media has been bashing pastor Kong Hee and his wife left, right and center. Don't expect me to do the same on my blog. I refuse to stoop so low. I don't understand why Singaporeans are bitching. If you are a member of that church, I'd understand. If you aren't a member of the church, it isn't your money so why make so much noise?! Let the church and their congregation deal with it. You know the saying...empty vessels make the most noise!

I had fun hosting the Colgate Slim Soft launch yesterday. It wasn't the usual type of event I'm used to hosting but I reckon I did a decent job. The client says I did good and I'll take that! Had fun working with DJ Vishal again too. Awesome guy and I'm honoured to have him as my personal DJ. Anyway, the Slim Soft range is a new toothbrush that has soft 0.01mm bristles. It has a smaller head too so you can reach those hard to reach places in that sexy mouth of yours. I'm using it and I love it!

I want to tell you a secret! Erm, it's not really a secret because I can't tell you much about it? Why? I've promised the people involved that I would keep it a secret. So yes, I will tell you a tiny portion of a secret. I shall get to the point now! I have been working on a new show. Yes I am hosting it. No not Noel's World iTV. It's by a proper network and it'll debut real soon. I'm excited about this show and I've given it my all at each shoot. The show has tremendous potential and my crystal ball says we have a winner!!!

Speaking of Noel's World iTV, it's taking a short break till I figure out what I wanna do next. I'm not contented with how it looks at the moment. Budgeting is an issue as well. Unlike the one-man-network that doesn't pay people (you know who I am talking about), I can't do that to anyone. It's wrong in every sense of the word. I may not become rich with my mentality but at least I can sleep peacefully.

Everyone knows I look up to Gurmit Singh. He is one of the reasons I started emceeing/hosting. Recently, Gurmit has been kind enough to lend his support to our "Save the Wild Boars" campaign. I approached Gurmit last Friday and within minutes, he was on-board with us. Not only did he sign the petition, he helped to spread the word too. We have 298 signatures as I draft this post (Sunday, 11.42pm). I am a very happy man! Yes I am!

I'll like to wish everyone a good week ahead. Shall leave you with this quote. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." by Mahatma Gandhi.

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