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BiC Lighters at 7-11 Stores

Every smoker needs a lighter. Even more so when the lighter in question is wacky. You don't even need to be a smoker. You could be a wannabe barbecue chef, a bloke that celebrates the mid-autumn lantern festival all year round or a hardcore arsonist! No I didn't just say that...

Anyway they sell these babies at 7-11's across the island. It's only $1.20 each! Check out 6 of their designs...

This is my fav of the lot...Eat My Banana.

I don't get this one...Enjoy my duck.

Not something you want done to you...Kick my balls!

I like this one too. Kiss my lips.

Heck I love this one too. It could work as your pick-up line if you are a loser. Suck my lollipop!

Last of all...Take my heart. Awww...

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