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I met this real nice lady in George Town, Penang, a few days ago. She sells these awesome handmade bracelets and pendants. I absolutely love her stuff! She's really nice too. So........ I WANT TO HELP HER OUT. I've taken a good number of pictures of her products that I like and I would wear them on any given day.

If you like what you see and want to own one of them, let me know, I'll get it for you and will mail it to you once I get back to Singapore. Send me an email at and we'll touch base!

Brown Wooden Bead Bracelet. S$12.00

Wood Bracelet. S$10.00

Arclic Dragon Pendant. S$10.00

Wooden Moari Hook Pendant. S$10.00

Turkish Evil Eye Pendant. S$12.00

Engraved Wooden Om Pendant. S$12.00

Yellow Stone Ring Pendant. S$10.00

Copper Om Pendant. S$20.00

Large Wooden Om Pendant. S$12.00

Small Wooden Om Pendant. S$10.00

Black Wooden Om Pendant. S$10.00

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