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More Accessories from Penang!

I finally got down to unpacking my suitcase. Yes it took a week to do so!!! The positive bit is that I've finally unpacked. Yaaay!

If you missed my post 'Om Accessories & More!' on 7th April, don't fret! While most of those accessories sold within days, I've restocked and got new ones which you might like. As mentioned in that post, I met a lovely lady in Penang that sells handmade jewelry and because she's such a darling, I'm helping her out.

Here's what I have with me in Singapore...

Metal Beaded Anklet - S$11.00

Length: 24.5cm

in stock: 01

Turquoise Anklet - S$15.90

Length: 27cm

in stock: 02

Brass 3-tiered Chain Anklet - S$15.90

Length: 27cm

in stock: 02

Wooden Bead Bracelet - S$10.00

in stock: 05

Laughing Buddha Pendant - S$14.90

Pendant length: 2cm, width: 2cm

in stock: 12 (various colors)

Traditional Tribal Dragon Pendant (Black) - S$10.00

Pendant length: 4.2cm, width: 4.2cm

in stock: 03

Mini Dog Tag - S$11.00

Pendant length: 3cm, width: 2cm

in stock: 06

Feather Pendant - S$12.00

Pendant length: 4.5cm, width: 1.57cm

in stock: 05

Islander Engraved Om Pendant - S$10.90

Pendant length: 3cm, width: 2.5cm

in stock: 01

Yellow Stone Pendant - S$10.00

Pendant length: 2.5cm, width: 2.5cm

in stock: 01

Evil Eye Pendant - S$11.00

Pendant length: 3cm, width: 3cm

in stock: 01

Dream Catcher - $16.90

Pendant length: 8.5cm, width: 2.5cm

in stock: 01

Metallic & Brass Om Pendant - S$15.90

Pendant length: 3.8cm, width: 3.1cm

in stock: 04

Wooden Om Medallion Pendant - S$15.00

Pendant length: 4.5cm, width: 4.5cm

in stock: 03

Carved Wooden Om Pendant - S$11.00

Pendant length: 3.5cm, width: 3.3cm

in stock: 06 (2 colors each)

Rama & Sita Pendant - S$18.00

Pendant length: 5.5cm, width: 4cm

in stock: 01 (4 white, 1 green, 1 black)

If you're staying in Singapore, throw in a dollar for postage and I'll get the item to you. While I don't know much about international shipping, the folks at the post office do so no worries about that. Please text, email, Facebook or DM me on Twitter to place your order. Thank you and have a rocking good Sunday!


  1. Miss u blog abt Drayden. He just turned 4 if I'm not wrong


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