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Stop Kony Movement

I've been seeing the 'Stop Kony Movement' pop up everywhere! Being the nosy Singaporean that I am, I just needed to find out more about this Kony fella. I mean, Kony must have done something really bad to get a movement going. One needs to be an absolute jackass to be the number one trend in the world with the hashtag #stopkony!

So I did a little search online and I came across this film KONY 2012 by Invisible Children that premiered two days ago on YouTube. It's a thirty minute video that I want you to watch. We both know that sometime today, you will have that thirty minutes of free time. So please watch it when you can. Ok?

I've said this over and over again. We each have a voice. Regardless of what you think, you can be heard! You may not be a blogger but you'll probably have a Facebook or Twitter account. If for some reason you don't, you do have colleagues, classmates, neighbours, friends and family that you can talk to. Help spread the word about KONY 2012 and make a difference today!


  1. The information in that video is not entirely true, it has been reported that Kony has not even been in the region for some 6 years. There has also been reports and reviews the Invisible Children only donate some 31% of their income to the cause, and that people involved pocket a majority of the cash. The organizations financial dealings are not transparent, and have NOT received good reviews by the BBB and Charity Navigator... You can read and see more on this issue here:

    Video siting discrepancies:

    Article backing up references

    1. Thanks for the comments and links Anonymous.

      I reckon nobody knows if Kony is in Uganda. Much like how nobody knew if Osama was in Afghanistan but the search went on. As the video states, some Amercian troops are in Uganda assisting their army. One of the motives of the video was to ensure that enough people cared so America will stay committed in the search.

      Heard about the 31% too. But I feel that it's impossible for them to give 100% as the staff of Invisible Children work full-time. It's the same for many charity organizations. They have staff to pay, production costs and they travel quite a bit to Uganda. So there's flight expenses too. One needs to add in the cost for printing flyers and other marketing materials they have and will continue using to spread the word.

      I truly like this movement. Very few come along to help those in need and its exactly what these guys are doing.


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