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Punggol Prawning

When Stephanie was in Singapore, we met up with my sister Shyanne and her fiance Tom. We headed to this nice prawning joint at Marina Country Club along Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue. 

Shyanne and I have been there once before so I guess you can say we like the place. It's a distance from the heartlands and the city so you'll either have to drive or take a taxi. It's for this reason that Marina Country Club is quiet and I LOVE being away from the masses.

Hold up! If you ain't from Singapore, you probably wondering "What the heck is prawning?!". Let me give you the run down. It's charged by the hour and they'll give you a prawning rod. The prawning rod is similiar to a fishing rod except it doesn't have a reel. You'll get a small portion of chicken liver as bait but one can choose to buy live worms. Some even bring cockles as bait too.

The marina next to Punggol Prawning.

Everyday Singaporeans chilling and prawning...

One of the three prawn ponds...

Tom and Shyanne...

Just when I took this picture, a large beatle landed smack in the water. But you can call me an awesome photographer whom waited for this exact moment!

LOOK! A BEATLE! They are all over the place. Yup, they even fly into you! Lucky for us, we had Stephanie. She was killing beatles and flying cockroaches all night!

They have these barbecue pits where you can cook your prawns. There's a BBQ Menu as well with stuff like sausages, chicken wings, etc...

Stephanie and Shyanne...

Two people that have been blessed with good looks. Shyanne and I!

Punggol Prawning rates:
$15.00 for an hour
$25.00 for two hours
$30.00 for three hours

Operating hours: 24 HOURS!

* They sell bottled beer but due to licensing, they can't sell after 12 midnight. BYOB if you must!


  1. I honestly truly give it up to steph, she kills big beetles and flying roaches??!!! OMG MY HERO.

    1. LOL Serene, they aren't as bad as you think! I used to play with dung beetles when I was younger, running around scaring people with them but now I just kill them because the scaring bit got tedious... Noel, Shyanne and Tom were running all over the place and it was not a pretty sight! Imagine if I picked one up and started frightening them, they would have ganged up on me and thrown me in the prawn pools!

    2. Noooooooo! I can't stand them anymore! I used to love insects too when i was younger, i took a praying mantis i found and chased my sister with it all over the house till she started crying HAHAHAHA. but i guess maybe it's retribution ): i'm scared of them now. my dad used to challenge me to the number of roaches we could kill when i was about 5 or 6? and now i'm dead scared of them. definitely karma ): i didn't know noel was scared??? :O


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