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Phong Vu

Have you wondered why the rest of the world loves making fun of us Asians? It's because of people like Phong Vu! William Hung comes to mind too.

If you have a friend that wants to audition for a singing contest, and he or she can't sing, tell them that they suck! Slap the fella if you have to! Do whatever you can to ensure he or she doesn't make it to the audition. If you have to kidnap them, DO IT!

If not, your friend will end up on television like Phong Vu!


  1. This dude really made me crack up when I watched the debut of American Idol 2012 but I've seen worse like the Filipino who worshipped Simon!

  2. Shut the fuck up he got balls to do any american dream!!

    1. Awww you poor thing! You guys must be related. But it's cool though...

    2. I'm not done yet. You probably wish that you look like Tila Tequila. You'll be lucky if you even look like her toenail! Coming on my blog and telling to shut the F up. Tsk tsk! Learn some manners MORON!


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