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7 Must Do Things in Sentosa

I absolutely love Sentosa! It's a fun loving island that's offers lots to not only tourists but Singaporeans alike. Every weekend, you'll see thousands of Singaporeans at the beach. I think it's safe to say that Sentosa has the best beaches in Singapore.

Here are my 7 Must Do Things To In Sentosa!

7) Animal & Bird Encounters

Located along Palawan Beach, the Palawan Amphitheatre is home to the Animal & Bird Encounters. There are activities and shows which go on throughout the day that educates visitors about widlife and you'll learn about what you can do to make a difference. Trust me, we all can make a difference and it isn't too late. Do check the Sentosa website for activities and shows timing.

That's Shahril. Count yourself lucky if he's the presenter for the day. He's comical, energetic and an all round fantastic host!

6) Azzura Beach Club

The Azzura Beach Club has to be the most happening bar in Sentosa! For the record, they win their neighbours (has the word Coast in it) hands down. That club had beyond horrible service at their Jazz Festival! Anyway... Azzura's concept is the first of it's kind in Asia. It's a multi-level entertainment, dining and hydrosports complex! Yeah you can kayak, go on a Banana Boat Ride and a Fly Fish Ride! Children will love the Water Park System too!


Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 10.00am to 2.00am
For reservations, call +65 6270 8003

5) Koufu Food Court

I for one think the food at Sentosa is over-priced. Thankfully we chanced upon this stall at the food court that serves tze char seafood dishes. Their prices are moderate and best of all, the food is all so yummyyyyyy!

Butter prawns.

Hot plate deer meat.

Sambal sotong (squid).

Hot plate tofu.

* do note that the two occasions we were there, the crabs were sold out! 

4) The Merlion

I have never visited the Merlion in the day but at night, it is a beauty! She's beautifully lit up and she continues to change color through the night. Environmentalists can say whatever they want but the search lights that are located at the base of the Merlion makes this structure look even more awesome! With the Merlion standing at 37 metres tall, you'll get a 360(HTML: ° °) view of Sentosa! Be sure to check-out the Gaudi-inspired mosaic Merlion Walk too!

Admission: S$8 for adults and S$5 for children
Opening hours: 10am to 8pm 

3) The Beaches

As I mentioned at the start of this post, Sentosa has the best beaches in Singapore. It's clean white sand is a welcoming sight to any beach goer. There are a number of beach bars for you to choose from as well. Should you be on a budget, you can get your drinks at any of the three 7-Eleven stores (Beach Station, Palawan Beach & Waterfront Station) on the island.

And if you are into sports, you'll be glad to know that there are beach volleyball and beach soccer courts scattered around. So enjoy the sand, the sunset, the stars or the sunrise in Sentosa! Best of all, it's free and open 24 hours!

2) Songs of The Sea

It's nice how Sentosa went from The Musical Fountain to Songs of The Sea. I am a HUGE fan of this show. If you love pyrotechnics, water effects and lasers, you'll love the show as much as I do. And hey, it's got a talented cast too! With any good musical, you'll have a good storyline. In this case, it is a storyline that's easy for children, adults and folks that don't speak English to understand.

Tickets: S$15.00 (premium seats) and S$10.00 (standard seats)
Showtimes: 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily. Additional show at 9.40pm every Saturday.

1) Universal Studios Singapore

Your visit to Sentosa would not be complete without a visit to it's star attraction! I love the Dim Sum at Hollywood China Bistro, the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON ride, Donkey LIVE and you need to watch the WaterWorld show. Be sure to get there early as the pre-show is enjoyable from the very first minute!

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON.

The WaterWorld show.

Tickets: Please refer to USS website.
Rides opening hours: 10.00am to 7.00pm

ps: I did not include the casino at Resorts World Sentosa as I do not gamble and I'm against having casinos in Singapore. 

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