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SOTW #001 - My Cat

My artiste manager Sakina says I should posts pictures of my cats. Apparently it'll soften my image. It seems that many think I'm some sort of a bad boy. When the pictures from a photoshoot with Amanda does come out, I'm sure it'll pretty much scream BAD BOY! Hahahaha!

It doesn't matter what people think right?! Well people, this my cat Putih. Putih means white and HE IS white. On some days he's called Snowy too. Yup he responds to both names...

Have a good weekend and god bless!


  1. WHOOPS hahahhaah got the hint! Pictures coming out this weekend or early next week! :)

  2. Noooo I wasn't hinting you! No rush babes. I know you're busy with school and your shoots. It's all good. Don't stress!!!


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