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January Was Awesome!

It's been a good start to 2012 and I can't wait for the next 11 months to roll by. For starters, I am now attached to a lovely girl by the name of Stephanie Janita Jolly. She's been such a joy and while we may be at opposite ends of the world, we're making it work! I know some of you aren't big on long distance relationships but she does have job offers here and if things go as planned, she'll be here in no time. And just in case you are wondering, she's from Sarawak but she's in the United Kingdom taking her degree. Yup she has brains!

Yup that's her...

I am a whole lot closer to my friends (I call them my brothers) from the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Yes we were close when I worked there back in 1995-1997 but we grew apart through the years. I've met them countless times since the start of the year. It's nice to have old friends back in my life!

I made a new friend. Isn't this owl just the most beautiful thing ever?
That's Sharifah. She's a show presenter with the Night Safari.

Work in the events industry is going well too. Rome wasn't built overnight and my plans and ambitions will take time to materialize. So I'm hanging in there and working as hard as I can.

This dragon is made of balloons! Awesome job Event Link!

I went crabbing with my good friend Vik the other day. What used to be a weekly activity is now bi-monthly. It's one of the few things I enjoy doing. I don't know if I enjoy the many beers we have or the thrill of catching something in our nets. I reckon it would be safe to put it down to the good company, many laughs and the friendly competition we both have...

I love the scenery at this spot along Sembawang...

I let this little fella go. Unlike some, we leave the young and the females alone...

I spent quality time with my sister Shyanne too. We went prawning at this nice place in Punggol Marina. As much as I love eating prawns, I can't seem to catch them! I caught ZERO while Shyanne caught TEN. We're gonna do this again soon and I will catch at least one. I know I will!!! As much of a camwhore Shyanne and I are, we didn't take any pictures. But...

I made this stir-fry Vietnamese pork and prawn dish the other night.
Met up with Jo too!!!
Pictures from this photo shoot I did last month should be out soon. Here are a couple Amanda sent the other night...

That's all for this post! Take good care, thanks for reading and have an awesome week!

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