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Brunei & Singapore Cigarettes

I always find the supposedly gory pictures on the boxes of cigarettes in Singapore funny. Not once have I looked at it and gone "oh crap! that could be me!!". We Life Once So Just Leave Me Alone has been my motto for a long time.

Here is a photo of one of the images you'll find on a pack of cigarettes in Singapore...

my choice of cigarettes for the last few months...

Now here's a pack of cigarettes from Brunei...

They put a god damn tombstone on it! What a way to hit home a point! Well done Brunei!!!


  1. Morning! I've been your silent reader for a long time. JuZ want to thank you for making me laugh. Hahhaaa.. Rokok membubuh... Anyway, great day to you.

  2. Hi Hanim!! Thanks for reading my blog. I am honored that you decided to leave your first comment. Keep them coming whenever you are free. Thanks again Hanim!


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