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I've Got ADHD

I don't see anything wrong in revealing that I've got ADHD. I have revealed far more worst stuff on my blog. For those that don't know what ADHD is, it stands for 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' and these are the symptoms...

ADHD Symptoms

1) Chronic lateness and forgetfulness.
2) Anxiety.
3) Low self-esteem.
4) Employment problems.
5) Difficulty controlling anger.
6) Impulsiveness.
7) Substance abuse or addiction.
8) Poor organization skills.
9) Procrastination.
10) Low frustration tolerance.
11) Chronic boredom.
12) Difficulty concentrating when reading.
13) Mood swings.
14) Depression.
15) Relationship problems.

Out of all the symptoms listed above, I have 11 of them. They are number 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. If one wants to count my failed marriage, then add in 15 but I'll disagree with you till the day I lie in a wooden box! Please allow me to explain my symptoms.

1) Chronic lateness and forgetfulness: I've got horrible memory! The concussion I got last year on my birthday obviously didn't help the situation. I can't remember names, numbers, etc...

2) Anxiety: I used to think that I worry too much but at least now I know where the anxiety comes from. On some days, the anxiety can be real bad! Almost to the point where I think I'm gonna get a heart attack!

5) Difficulty controlling anger: Man...I don't know what else to say about my anger other than it's bad!!!

6) Impulsiveness: I hardly think twice about the decisions I make and it has landed me in trouble way too many times...

8) Poor organization skills: I've bought many organizers but I'm still so disorganized! I once even bought a PDA but that obviously didn't work. Thankfully I have Nuffnang and my artiste manager Sakina to manage two big parts of my life...

9) Procrastination: The word says it all! I procrastinate about everything!

10) Low frustration tolerance: Friends will probably tell you that I get frusrated about everything. It's true!!!

11) Chronic boredom: I get bored easily! That's why I am always walking around, doing something different and I don't have any hobbies! I can't sit at an event (wedding, dinner, etc) without getting bored. And when I do get bored, I become very quiet.

12) Difficulty concentrating when reading: Would you believe me if I told you that I have never completed a book? I admire people that read but I've tried it and I simply can't get through the first chapter.

13) Mood swings: My mood swings are bad! It's like I've got PMS 365 days a year!

I've had these symptoms since I was a kid. It explains why I didn't do well academically. Could things have improved if the ADHD was treated earlier? Maybe but who the hell knows for sure?! I sure ain't gonna blame anyone for not spotting it earlier.

What's important is NOW. Today, tomorrow and the day after. Am I gonna let this affect what I do for a living or the people around me? Hell no! Now that I know I've got ADHD, I'll work on improving myself. That is what life is about after all!


  1. Bro, there are many successful people who have ADHD out there . I'm sure u are/will be one of them!


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