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Countdown to Wrestlemania 28!

The countdown to Wrestlemania 28 has begun! Then again the countdown began at last year's Wrestlemania when it was announced that the ever hard working John Cena would face off with the people's champion The Rock. I am pumped up about this match and I'm certained both individuals will produce the match of their careers.

There's been a lot of negative talk on wrestling websites about some WWE Superstars that aren't happy Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, is not only wrestling on the biggest PPV in the industry but he's also main-eventing. Yes, the man did leave the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood. Can you blame him? One is allowed to chase his dreams and unlike the many wrestlers that have put a foot into Tinsletown, Dwayne has done absolutely well! He's not just filming one low grade movie a year. He's doing back to back productions with the best in Hollywood!

But yet after a hiatus from the business he grew up in, The Rock got an unbelievable reaction from the WWE Universe when he returned at Raw on the 14th of February 2011. It was like he never left. Could anyone other than the Undertaker from the current roster of talents get the same reaction? I highly doubt so! It's clear the fans, and that includes yours truly, loves the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. So unless any one of the talents can step up and become that MAN, there is nothing to be sour about.

There are only a handful of wrestlers that can hold the crowd in the palms of their hands and deliver each and every night. Besides The Rock, names such as Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge comes to mind. All of these men are old generation wrestlers! With that said, the new generation lacks depth and they find it hard to tell a story in the ring.

On a positive note, I think The Rock is bringing out the best in John Cena. Cena is doing better promos and he will become a better performer after Wrestlemania. We've got to thank Kane though. He's done a fantastic job with Cena over the last few months.

I am looking forward to the Hell In A Cell match between Triple H and The Undertaker. This match will be epic and I have a strong feeling this will be Undertaker's swan song. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan should be a great match too. If Beth Phoenix and Tamina are given another go, they'll have a kick ass match for sure. I am silently hoping they'll fit in Santino somewhere. The fella has talent and it'll be the right time for him to shine...

I can't wait for Mania and I sure hope you're looking forward to it. This is Noel Boyd signing out...

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