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Revelation 12-12 - Behind The Scenes

Two Thursdays ago I had the opportunity to do a little acting in a short film called Revelation 12-12. Directed by Eugene Tan, this Sci-fi action film was fun to work on. While I had a minimal role as a SWAT team officer, it was a fun project to do. It brought back a lot of good memories from my acting days.

So yeah, it was nice meeting the cast and production crew (Deborah, Douglas, Shireen, Sunny, etc...). I hear this short film might eventually become a feature film. That's something to look forward to for sure! Here are some pictures from the set of Revelation 12-12...

The revolver I had on set...

I don't know much about guns so let's just call this a rifle...

picture courtesy of Revelation 12-12

picture courtesy of Revelation 12-12

Me in SWAT gear...

Bang Bang!
Revelation 12-12 has an official page on Facebook where you can view behind-the-scenes photos and get updates about the film. Click here,/b> to visit the page.


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