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Concorde Hotel Singapore - Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet

On Sunday, my neighbour Felicia and I went to Concorde Hotel Singapore for their popular Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet. I had vouchers for two after hosting their foster children party last December. You can't imagine how hungry I was that afternoon. I skipped breakfast so by the time we got to the hotel at 2pm, I was starving!

The cool thing about this buffet is that they have really good local dishes on the buffet line. While they do have Japanese favourites such as sashimi and sushi, dishes like bak kut teh, kway chap, paper wrapped chicken and dim sum dominated the array of food. They even have a counter where you can make your own rojak and ice kacang. Those are fun things to do! There was even a roti prata station where a chef, non Indian I might add, that would toss and prepare the prata with your choice of filling (durian, kaya, peanut butter and chocolate).

Concorde Hotel Singapore - Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday, 12noon to 5pm

Adult: $29++ *Child: $14++

My first round of food. Dim Sum, Kway Chap and Ham.

My second round had kway chap again, sashimi, bamboo prawn and paper wrapped chicken.

Roti prata with chocolate and peanut butter.
After lunch, we went to Gusttino Di Roma at ION Orchard to say hi to Naresh...
That's my neighbour Felicia...
Well that's me in pink...
Felicia, Naresh and myself came up with a list of things to do in 2012.  Yes we are alcoholics!


  1. Oi, just cos the 2 of you are alcoholics, doesn't mean I am! Don't drag me into this!

  2. Neighbour!!!! You added LoveDrunk in the list! That's enough evidence!

  3. I have valid excuse! I can always go there and drink coke! :P

  4. Neighbour: You think we'll let you drink Coke?!


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