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I am really looking forward to 2012. I know some think that the world will end come 21st December. Quite frankly, there are days when I think these people are absolutely right. We've seen the destruction caused by mother nature across the globe, the needless wars and the unrest in the Middle East and Africa. Don't even get me started on the millions that are suffering from poverty.

But let's try to be positive this year. I know it will be a great year for me. I worked extremely hard in 2011 to lay the foundation for 2012. I believe I have formed a great team of like minded individuals that want success as much as I do and in turn, I have promised them nothing but the best from me. The team will continue to grow and we will embark on great projects in the coming weeks and months.

I don't want to reveal too much about what we are working on because that wouldn't be good business sense but I can tell you about a few projects...

The last time I acted in a production was in 2003 and this was for Mediacorp Channel 5. It's been what 7 years since I did any form of acting but the wait will end this Thursday. I've been cast as a SWAT team officer for a local production and I can't wait to play out my role. I've been watching movies like S.W.A.T to help me prep and I might watch Hostage later. Woot!

back in early 2000...

I am going back to my roots this year! I emceed here and there in 2011 and I made a decision to do this full-time. Emceeing is something I wanted to do when I was 16 years old. But somehow I lost my focus with the many ups and downs life has thrown at me. Now I have an artiste manager that will keep me in line and she has been doing a fantastic job so far. I have a personal DJ that I not only love as a colleague but as a brother. So yeah, I know this will work out well...

Web TV
I have had a number of offers thrown my way since I announced my departure from the previous “you know what”. I want to thank these people for their interest and I'm sure I can do something with all of them. So that's something fans can look forward to very soon.

My artiste manager Sakina and I at the Children's Cancer Foundation Christmas Party

I want to do as many charity gigs as I possibly can this year. I think life is all about giving and if a charity organization thinks I can contribute in some way, I'll be more than willing to help.

I don't like making new year resolutions because I hardly live up to them. But an hour or so ago, my artiste manager Sakina made me promise that I won't work for free this year unless it's a charity gig. So I guess that counts as a new years resolution? I might as well throw in a few more. I plan on eating right and exercising. I reunited with god a month ago and I'm in a much better place. I pray for my ex wife and son every night and I'm even praying for the people that I once hated. This can only be a good thing and I will use 2012 to get closer to god.

To my fans, I love you for the support you've continued to show. You guys are just an awesome bunch. I wish you the best for 2012 and god bless always. ROCK ON 2012!


  1. hi noel! don't know if you remember me but i met you at louis wedding when you were outside smoking? can i say you smoke or is it that something you dont want fans to know? haha! neeway you hosted dinners ding very well and many people thought you are a pro. i wouldnt know you are his brother! go for this full time and you will make it.


  2. Sounds like you have an awesomely packed 2012 planned dude! Kinda makes me feel ashamed for not planning more for my year! lol

  3. Hi Della! Yes I remember you. And yes you can say I smoke. Why would it be a secret? LOL!

    Thank you very much. You're really sweet! I enjoyed hosting his wedding. Louis was relaxed about the whole thing and he kept saying "anything" so we just did what we normally do.

    But yeah, I'm going for this full on and I'm gonna work extremely hard for what I want. Thanks again Della! Wooooooooot!


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