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Official Press Statement by Noel Boyd

RE: Noel's Departure from R3load Network

Date: 28th December 2011

Please be informed that I am no longer part of the R3load Network team. For the past 7 months, I had the great honour of hosting both the 'Singapore Haunted' and 'Tattooed' web tv shows. While my hosting services were voluntarily and there wasn't any monetary gain other than the kind sponsorship by TattoocaineZ (two episodes), I have met many great individuals along the way and I extend my gratitude to my network of friends from the tattoo community for appearing as artists from episode one to seven of 'Tattooed'.

The primary reason we parted ways was because of the different direction and beliefs that the network and I had. My belief is that the viewers interests should always take priority and if a show is promoted as a weekly show, it should be online for viewing as promised in the show's tagline. On this note, I wish to apologize to the fans of 'Tattooed' for having to cut the season short.

To the sponsors, ROSS WATCH and TattoocaineZ, thank you for believing and working with me and we will continue to work closely with one another on my blog and other future projects.

To my fans, a big thank you for being with me from day one when I started blogging and hosting my first show 'Skin Art'. Rest assured you will be seeing more of me in 2012.

Ideally, my departure could not have happened at a better time. I have many projects lined up for the incoming year and I can now direct my attention to what matters most. More information on these projects will be posted on my blog and various other social media platforms when the time is right.

Last but not least, my love and thanks to my family and friends. Good things are destined for the future and I can't wait for 2012. My theme would be “Out with the Bad & In with the Good”. With that said, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for the new year!

Best regards,

Noel Desmond Boyd.


  1. take care bro! awesome job on the shows.

  2. ='( i keep refreshing to look for new episodes of singapore haunted and tattooed but i guess now i know why. i watched those shows coz u are an awesome host! i have become a fan of yours and i will continue to support you in whatever u do! go noel!

    - sarah

  3. Amanda: Why no? It's a good thing! Trust me ok?

    Longjin: Thanks brother! =)

    Sarah: Thank you so much Sarah. Wow man, you are really sweet. Thank you for watching my shows. I am working towards doing stuff elsewhere so keep a look out for that. Have a fantastic 2012 and thanks for the love. Big hugs!!

  4. Whuuuut. Why did the website say they fired you?

  5. Hi Jasmine! My guess would be as good as yours. The person behind the network, could go down as the first person to 'fire' someone who wasn't even working for the company.

    I'm sure you can gauge the maturity level of this person. Oh well...


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