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Heather Sinn Interview

I had the oppurtunity to interview Heather Sinn who is a tattoo artist, model and co-owner of The Tattoo Room! Come January next year, she'll be starring in a new tattoo show that I'm sure tattoo enthusiasts will love. In this interview, Heather talks about modeling, tattoos, "Ink Master" and more...

Noel: I believe in giving compliments when it's due. With that said, I need to state that you are an absolute gorgeous woman! I read on your Twitter profile that you model. Can you tell us more about that?

Heather: Thank you! I started modeling back in Michigan when I was a teenager for Kmart and then moved to California at the age of 20 where I continue to model to this day. Of course modeling has taken a backseat to Tattooing for the last 14 years but I still enjoy doing photo shoots and hope to do more in the future! I have done everything from runway to print to commercials to film!

Noel: If you had to choose between modeling and tattooing, which would it be?

Heather: I love them both and have not had to choose yet! But Tattooing is winning at this point! Lol!

Noel: Fair enough! So when did you start tattooing?

Heather: I started in 1996!

Noel: What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

Heather: I have been painting and drawing since I was kid! It really was a natural progression for me from drawing to tattooing.

Noel: That's cool. What kind of tattoos would you say you specialize in?

Heather: My style is always evolving but I tend to gravitate toward tattoos that look more like oil paintings or woodcuts.

Noel: Is there a particular tattoo you have enjoyed doing? It could be your favorite piece.

Heather: I did a portrait style Tattoo of Bela Lugosi that I absolutely love! I think that is my favorite right now.

Noel: That's an awesome tattoo! Can you describe the tattoos you have on your body?

Heather: I have a lot! This may take up the whole interview! I have a Jack O Lantern on my chest, a Geisha cat on my thigh, LA city scape on my back with wings, a phoenix on my calf, a hell horse on my other calf, a female griffon, a whole Japanese dragon sleeve and a butterfly on the back of my neck… I think that’s it!

Noel: That is an impressive collection! Let's talk about your studio for a bit. You are the co-owner of The Tattoo Room. In your own words, tell us about the studio and why your studio rocks!

Heather: I Love Love Love my shop!! I love Danielle Oberosler, my business partner! She is the best of the best!! It is the best environment I have have ever worked in! All our clients love the atmosphere too!

Heather with Danielle Oberosler 
Noel: You will be a part of something awesome in January. You'll be starring in Spike TV's new reality tattoo show called “Ink Master”!!! How hyped up are you about it? I bet you are bouncing off the walls!

Heather: I am very excited and nervous about the show! Curious to see how they edited it. It was quite an experience for me. Not at all what I was expecting!

Noel: What can you tell us about the show?

Heather: The series is called “Ink Master” and it premieres on Tuesday, January 17 2012 at 10 PM ET/PT and 9 PM CT. There are eight, one hour episodes of “Ink Master.”  Episodes premiere weekly on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET/PT and then re-air several times over the course of the week. The finale is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6.

Noel: Where can we watch "Ink Master"?

Heather: The series premieres on Spike. Spike is a national cable network aimed towards men 18-34 and has more than 99.8 million subscribers in the United States & Canada. Spike is a division of Viacom Media Networks (formerly known as MTV Networks).

cast of Spike TV's "Ink Master".

Noel: What is "Ink Master" all about Heather?

Heather: This is the first ever-tattoo competition reality show and there are 10 contestants (meet the cast). All of us are competing for the title of ‘Ink Master,’ a cash prize of US$100,000 and an editorial feature in Inked magazine. The series was shot this past August in and around NYC.

The series is hosted by Dave Navarro, of the popular alternative band Jane’s Addiction and judges for “Ink Master” are renown and respected tattoo artists like Chris Nunez, known to TV audiences from his stint on “Miami Ink,” and Oliver Peck. There will be several guest judges who have ties to the tattoo world-community including the following people...Todd Weinberger (creative director of Inked magazine), Scott Campbell, Jack Rudy, Chris Andersen (NBA player for Denver Nuggets) and Ton Jones (host of Spike TV’s series “Auction Hunters”).

from left to right: Chris Nunez, Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck.

Noel: Sweet! I am looking forward to "Ink Master". Thank you for doing this interview Heather. All the best for “Inkmaster” and may you have a Merry Christmas!

Heather: Thank you so much Noel!! I hope you have a great holiday as well!

I'll end this interview with some of the previous tattoos Heather Sinn has done. Have a great week ahead folks!

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