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Eeny Meeny Miny...Moe Alkaff!

There are three Singaporean entertainers that I've looked up to since a kid. Most of you know that I think Gurmit Singh is a great guy and I think the world of him. I have also blogged about this teacher, Mr M. Ismail, I had back in my secondary school days that thought me the fine basics of being a host. Some of you might be going "wait a minute! how is a teacher an entertainer?!". Well I was getting to it! You see, before this talented man became a teacher, he was a singer. He performed countless times on television back in the day. Now both of his sons are performing in the best damn rock band (Energy) in Singapore!

Now there's one more guy that I have not blogged about yet. His name is Moe Alkaff. For the love of god I can't recall how old I was when I first saw Moe on stage. I was probably eight or nine years old. If he does read this, he'll kick my ass for making him sound old! 

Anyway, he used to emcee children themed shows at Raffles City. I remember him doing Ghostbusters and Micro Machines. So every Saturday and Sunday, I would take the bus down to Raffles City and just sit by the stage and watch this man perform. Heck unlike the emcees today, Moe was and still is the full package. He and his dancers from Moezik Events International would do an intro and closing dance and they would perform skits as well. After every show of his I would tell myself "I want to be Moe when I grow up!".

So meeting him and having a great conversation last Saturday is something I'll treasure for a long time to come. He gave me advise which I'll share here. "Enjoy the fame that you have now. Love it and treasure it. But don't ever let it control you. Don't let it change you. Your head must never get bigger. If you can do that, you will go far!". If this advise works for you, then great! It'll make two of us!

Good golly! It's almost five in the morning. I'm hitting the sack. Have a good one folks!


  1. Got here from a link on Moe's wall. Looks like Moe thinks the world of you and the fact that he promoted your shows on his Facebook does say a lot. Keep doing what you do best and reach for the stars.


  2. Gotcha was great with Moe Alkaff hosting. After that they got a malaysian dude and it became lame!


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