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TATTOOED - the web TV show

My new show TATTOOED debuts this Friday, 11.11.2011 on the R3LOAD Network!! Both I.Z Darson (the director) and myself have been working extremely hard on this show. Not only do I host and co-produce this show, I am also the skin canvas. The debut of this show is like an early birthday present!

Here's how this show works...

TATTOOED is a reality and interactive web TV show that sees me getting 10 tattoos in 10 weeks. These tattoos will be done by some of the best tattoo artists in the country! One of the cool things about this show is that viewers will get a chance to vote on the type of tattoo that I will get or the location of the tattoo on my body. There's never been a show like this so being the first in the world is absolutely awesome!

R3LOAD Network has launched the Facebook page for my show and I need your kind support. Head to this link - - click LIKE and you will get updates, behind the scenes pictures, news bits, etc...

I can't wait for Friday!


  1. Is this show available as standalone youtube viewing ? Can the show be made available 24 x 7 anytime, just like video on demand and not wait until Friday ? What is the standalone web site if it is not available for youtube viewing.

  2. woah, man, this sounds like a badass project! Can't wait to see what kind of work you have done! I just got my first tattoo this summer - my bro is in prison and designed one for me. How many do you have already? I'll be back to check out what you've got going on! If you want to see some of my brother's tattoo work from prison, see

  3. Anonymous: We don't post our videos on YouTube but it will be available exclusively on the website. So viewers like yourself can watch it any time 365 days a year. But you will have to wait till Friday as that is the launch date.

    Admin: Hahahaha! It's a fun project and it's like my baby. A lot of hard work has gone into the show.

    Awesome! Your first tattoo. I'm sure it was a good experience. I've stopped counting my tattoos. Ima check out the blog now!


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