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A nice man by the name of Dr. Gregory L. Hall sent me an email a few days ago about this great website he operates. Dr. Hall is an African-American primary care doctor in the USA (Cleveland, Ohio) and he serves on several boards dealing with health issues predominantly affecting urban populations. is directed at teenagers who are thinking of getting a tattoo. The problem is, there are many teenagers not only in America but all over the world including Singapore that are getting home-made tattoos! These tattoos are mostly done in someone's home or at parties. We call this 'cheap tattoos' and needless to say the permanent artwork on the skin of these teens is less than to be desired.

A tattoo infection

Dr. Hall's website hopes to educate teenagers in the dangers of getting such a tattoo. He doesn't say "No don't get a tattoo" but instead, he wants teenagers to think about it carefully and when they do decide they want some ink on their body, get a professional tattoo artist to do the job.

I think Dr. Hall is doing an awesome job. I wanted to do this in Singapore in 2008 but I didn't get the support I needed from the relevant authorities. After all a certain former Minister Mentor is against tattoos and he said so himself in his book "Hard Truths".

So boys and girls, I urge you to visit and do help to spread the word!


  1. Not fun to see the infection here, but I'm sure scaring kids is the way to get the to avoid tattoos.

  2. Hi Jake! Tattoo infections aren't fun. I had that once. I reckon scaring the kids may not be the best way to do things but I hope they'll get a better understanding of the risks involved.


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