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Farm to Fridge - The Video

A good friend sent an email last week and all he said in the email was "BASTARDS!!". Curiosity won and I clicked the YouTube link. Nothing could have prepared me for what I watched. If you do proceed to watch the video embeded below, which I hope you do, it'll probably make you think twice or thrice about what your next meal will be.

I've been contemplating if I should become vegan over the last few weeks and this video has moved me closer to that. Narrated by Oscar-nominee James Cromwell, this powerful film takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration behind the closed doors of the nation's largest industrial farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants -- revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.

What are your thoughts people?


  1. Hi Noel, I never thought this would happen! Thanks for sharing it! Felt sick to the stomach at the end of the video though! :x thank god I watched this waaaay after my dinner! My heart goes out to those poor abused animals. ):

  2. Hey Fieza! You're most welcome. I felt sick from the very beginning. Did watching the video make you think twice about eating meat?

  3. OMFG!!! That's the worse thing I've seen happen to animals. Don't they know the meaning of the word LOVE?? I cannot see myself giving up meat. I hope that does not make me a lousy horrible person without a heart.

  4. Anonymous: I share the same sentiments! And not giving up meat doesn't make you a horrible person. You have a heart and you know what love means. :)


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