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Bedok Reservoir Ghost - EVP Video

The following video contains audio from my solo EVP session at Bedok Reservoir on the 7th of October 2011. The Singapore Haunted investigation was done within the 100 days period after the mother and son was found dead.

I can't explain the laughter, crying and the other sounds you are about to hear. Damn I wish I could!! I get goosebumps whenever I listen to this recording so do forgive me if I missed out any captions in the video. I wanted to get the video done ASAP!

Plug in your earphones or pump up the volume!!!!

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  1. Hi Noel, was listening to the EVP recording that you posted. Just a suggestion if you could do an EVP without the walkie talkie interference would be better. Cause it kind of noisy to have one person talking through the walkie talkie, one doing the EVP it becomes very noisy. Or if there is a sound coming from the EVP confirm it later instead of on the spot. As of now, it sounds really hectic.

  2. Hi, where can I find Season One of your Singapore Haunted. Can't find it anywhere only Season Two. Thanks.

  3. Danielle: Hi Danielle! We can sure try that. The reason we use the walkies is so the rest of the team knows what's going on. We don't have the equipment to monitor the EVPs from base camp yet.

    DoppelGanger: You can find it here. Scroll right to the bottom.


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