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The Dr. Numb Saga Continues

It was 2 years ago when I did a post about the Emla numbing cream. That non-profit post was done to help folks who weren't prepared for the pain that comes along with a tattoo. Shortly after that post went live, I started getting spam comments all over my blog from someone at Dr. Numb. Not just on that particular post but all over my blog!!!!! 

"hey..try to use this anesthetic cream called's a numbing cream for tattooing and piercing... you may visit their website at thanks!!" by Anonymous on 7th May 2009. 
"buddies, for painless tattoing and piercing try it out, drnumd anesthetic cream, its a great product. check it out" by Ace on 7th May 2009. 
"to you guys out there who wanted to have a tattoo or a body piercing, try dr. numb water-based topical anesthesia. it is the best anesthetic cream ever. i stumbled upon a website and i ordered thier product. now thanks to this anesthetic cream, i dont have to worry about pain, all gain! " by carlos09 on 6th May 2009. 
"Hayie There Buddies! Just dropping by! It’s a quite experience of trusting this product that I had purchased from Drnum. I’ve got this drnumb cream and actually it’s a numbing cream, which I’m using in my shop. My customers are keeping coming back... So this is it, let me also help you again by leaving their website on this page, and its or call their toll-free hotline its 1-888-288-4847. Thanks for having me here. Have a great day and of course have a great painless tattooing and piercing " by Anonymous on 6th May 2009. 
"Hey guys! It’s weird but I need you to believe me. There’s now a numbing cream in the market specialized for painless tattooing, laser removal and others such as piercing and the like. I haven’t tried I yet but I will! Because my bestfriend just had her tattoo and poof! No pain at all! It’s so amazing. Her is their website: or click Affordable Numbing Cream " by Anonymous on 6th May 2009.

There are MANY more comments but I shall spare you the agony. Initially I figured the comments may have been from someone who was into affiliate marketing. Well I can now confirm that the comments were indeed from a staff of the company. Or outsourced as he claims. Here is a recent email from Daniel S.W Shin, President and Executive Director of Dr. Numb.
"I believe there may have been issues in which I am now aware of , from what I hear that it was to do with blog postings that involved staffs from Philippines which I believe was an outsourced work. If that had been any issues, please accept my apology that there was not any intention to harm you or your business --- and we would kindly request that this slanderous post would be removed."
This is the blog post he is referring to...

And today I got a message saying that this company wants to come after me. They are ready to bash me and my show. What?! They are ready to bash me and my show? Are you for real?! Is that the best you can do? Nobody intimates me and I sure as hell ain't intimated now. First you guys were a joke and now you're just acting like a bunch of badly brought up lowlife human beings! I don't think you can even begin to understand what you have just started.

My message to these "great business people" is simple. It's actually three words. I hope you understand English better than the way you promote your product. BRING IT ON!


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