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Countdown to Hong Kong Disneyland

My family and I are less than 48 hours to our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland! My son Drayden has been telling everyone he meets, strangers included, that he's going to Disneyland. My wife Ann is equally stoked about the trip too.

And yes, I am buzzing with excitement too!!! But I have to say this. I do not like airplanes! Air travel scares the living daylights out of me! In fact, I've never flown without having a good few beers before I board a plane. The last time I took a flight, to India that is, I passed out before the plane took off! I was so paranoid about flying on Air India that I drank way too much at Changi Airport. I plan skipping the alcohol for this flight. After all, I'll have my wife and kid with me and I want to have fond memories of our first flight together as a family.

I guess it's safe to assume that I love being in control. It's also safe to assume that I have a phobia of flying and dying. Throw in heights and that would explain why I don't do rollercoaster rides!!!

Lets get back to Disneyland. As I was saying...I'm so looking forward to our trip. Unlike the past two years, there's too many things going wrong and the more I attempt to fix things, the worst it gets! Unless you've been in my shoes, you don't know how frustrating and painful it can be. 

I'm gonna use this trip to Disneyland to escape from my worries and hopefully I'll come back RECHARGED and READY to tackle the obstacles that the big man above has laid out for me.

I would like to extend a million and one THANK YOU'S to the folks at Disney for inviting us to their magical kingdom. It's not everyday someone gets a sponsored trip. Boy are we grateful and honored!!!

Mickey & company, we'll see you bright and early on Friday morning! Woooooooooooooot!


  1. That's so cool!! Have fun guys!!!

  2. Sounds awesome. I wish I could go there. Enjoy your time in Hong Kong. I know its awesome

  3. Ju'eta: We had a blast Jude! It's such a nice place. Can't wait to visit Disneyland again!

    Hen: Thanks Hen! We had a good time in Hong Kong and I'll post about my trip soon. :)


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