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Mr. Singh Directs Traffic!

If you were out and about yesterday afternoon, I'm sure you would agree that the rain was terrible. I was having my lunch at Ming Arcade and it was terribly hot bef before I took the lift up to my favourite nasi padang stall on the sixth floor. Just as we were about to wrap up our meal, we looked out the window and it looked like night had come early! It was dark and gloomy within a VERY short time!

Yesterday, Mr. Inderjit Singh from Ang Mo Kio GRC was doing his walkabout in Ang Mo Kio when the rain came pouring down. I am impressed with how hands on Mr. Singh was. Along with some good Singaporeans, he help direct traffic along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

The point I was trying to drive at in the first paragraph is the fact that Singapore's weather is unpredictable. As Mr. Inderjit mentioned to the media and on his offcial Facebook page, the Public Utilites Board (PUB) has been informed and they will need to carry out drainage upgrading as soon as possible. It is extremely unfair to blame the flash floods on the People's Action Party (PAP). A good government reacts accordingly to each issue and problem. If you walk down Orchard Road, you'll see that pavements have been raised and other measures have been implemented. In fact, the PUB has just completed the raising of the kerbs and walkway around Forum The Shopping Mall. Closer to my house, the drains outside the flower shops along Thomson Road have been expanded and the place has not seen a flood in a long time. Amen to that!

So yes, the PAP is working on issues that the general public is concerned about. Rome wasn't built in a day and problems faced by Singaporeans aren't solved in a day as well. But I'm sure these problems will be addressed and tackled by the government soon.

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