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WWE Edge Retires

Note: Considering I'm such a big fan of pro wrestling, I decided to start this wrestling post. So if you are a wrestling fan, I hope you enjoy these regular posts!

When I first heard that Edge a.k.a Adam Copeland was retiring as a wrestler, you have to forgive me for thinking that it was part of a storyline. Can you blame me? Not too long ago, John Cena said he was taking a break from the WWE only for him to return at a house show under the name of Juan Cena. He even wore a freaking purple mask!

So when I read online that Edge was retiring, I brushed it off as a 'work'. It was only after watching RAW that I went "OH MY GOD". It's such a pity that this fine Superstar is retiring prematurely because of an injury. If you look at the depth of the current WWE roster, you don't have many individuals that are capable of stealing the show at any given opportunity. Besides being solid in the ring, one would need to have good promo skills too. If you have that, you'll become an A-list WWE Superstar.

Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson did a tremendous job training the young Adam Joseph Copeland . This is a man who grew up without a father and he's done exceptionally well with whatever he's achieved in his life. For a man to return to an industry he clearly loves and adores after undergoing spinal fusion neck surgery (his cervical vertebrae had been fused) back in 2003, it say a lot about him as a man.

The one good thing about Edge's premature retirement is that he stopped before he did anymore damage to his body. Kudos to the WWE doctors! Having numbness in one's arms is better than being crippled or bedridden.

I'll end with this post with his accomplishments in the WWE. It is impressive! Collectively, Edge has won a whopping 31 Championships!!!

FOUR WWE Championships
A record SEVEN World Heavyweight Championships.
FIVE Intercontinental Championships.
ONE United States Championship.
FOURTEEN Tag Team Championships (a record 12 World Tag Team Titles and two WWE Tag Team Championships).
He is one of only two wrestlers (Kurt Angle being the other) who has held every currently active male Championship in WWE.

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  1. Edge is a great wrestler that the WWE will miss. You're right that the roster lacks depth but will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate...


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