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The day I slept with a client!

I've never EVER slept with a client. It's just wrong ain't it? As the saying goes, never mix business with pleasure. Well all that changed last week on the way to Bintan, Indonesia, for an event. Sitting to my right on the ferry was my client and on my left was a good friend and colleague for this event, Nash...

Well I fell asleep and this is what happened!

I slept on my client's shoulder! If that wasn't bad enough, I drooled on his shoulder too!!!!! I mean crap man! It's so embarrassing! After a short period, the poor man fell asleep too but with the swaying of the ferry, our heads collided. You know what? He kept apologizing! He said sorry at least 5 times and all the while, I sat there wondering "What the heck is going on??!".

I would like to thank Nash for taking this picture and bro, thank you for sending it to my neighbour and god knows who else! There is a lovely English lady that was walking around the ferry like a bored tourist that took pictures too. Till we meet again Jane!

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