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The Toothless Blogger

So much has been happening the last few weeks. For starters, I had dental surgery done two weeks ago. Would you believe it if I told you that I endured a toothache for a year and a half?! Ask my wife and friends and they'll tell you. Just so you know, I am not Superman. I just can't see myself running around in red underwear and a cape.

The only reason why I didn't see a dentist earlier is because I didn't want to spend hard earned money on a tooth. I figured the pain will go away which it did for awhile and I can spend that money on better things. But I was so wrong! The pain I experienced two weeks ago was insane!!!! I remember calling a handful of dental clinics and all of them said they were fully booked. Thankfully, my wife called and begged Yio Chu Kang Dental Surgery and they slotted me in. Thank you Doctor Koh!

Doctor Koh figured it would be best to extract the tooth so that was done by cutting open the gums.  But because of my drug allergies, they couldn't prescribe painkillers. Now this was the hardest bit. The pain I endured for a year and a half was nothing compared to the pain after the anesthetize wore out. It was like someone smashed by jaw with a sledgehammer. Cold sweat, fever and massive migraines kept me company till I recovered.

My stitches have dissolved and the pain is gone. Hallelujah! I have another appointment with the dentist next week but that's just to see how well it's healed. If you ever have a toothache, go see a dentist ASAP. I've learnt from my mistake and I'll never want anyone to go through my two weeks of hell!


  1. OMG i told you to see the dentist almost 2 years ago!!!

    by the way, how much did it cost?

  2. Shyanne: Hahahaha! Yes you did!!!! I paid $280 for the tooth extraction alone. Not inclusive of the consultation, medication, stitches, etc...


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