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Eminem's Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit

Here's another Super Bowl commercial that totally rocks! No wait, it's totally Detroit and it stars the best hip-hop artist ever!!! Here's Eminem and Chrysler!


  1. That's fantastic copywriting right there!! Going under one of my favourites (:

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  3. This video is amazing well done. Not too sure about the car but that's the best rapper representing!!!!

  4. @sueeeeannn: Yaaay! I've watched this commercial numerous times and I'm still lovin' it!

    @free tattoo designs: High five!

    @gothic tattoo: After watching the commercial, I said to myself "Ima buy that car!!!" but then I realized that I don't have a driving license! Hahahaha....

    @henna tattoo: Ahhh ok...I've been using blogger since 2005 and I LOVE IT. I tried using Wordpress last year for a new blog but I didn't like the feel of it. I reckon with blogger, you can do lots with the html and css where else for Wordpress, you need to pay before you do that.

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    @Sleepy Tod: What's up Detroit!!! You're right about the best rapper representing. He confirmed that at yesterday's Grammy's!


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